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Let's Explore Insects!


In this asynchronous class, we will take 4 weeks to learn about different types of insects and how beneficial they are to us.

Montessori at Home: Beginner Reading Skills with the Pink Series (CVC words)


For this 5 week asynchronous class, learners will use a virtual Montessori Pink Series works to practice CVC and sight words with.

Exploring Musical Instruments!


This class is designed for young learners to learn about the different musical instruments and their families.

Montessori At Home: Let's Travel to the Continents!


For this 7-week asynchronous course, learners will travel to each continent around the world (using the Montessori puzzle map) and study the countries, flags, animals, and culture of each continent, too.

GAP Year Possibilities

Mrs Natalie

So you are soon going to finish with high school, and you wonder....What's next?

Origami for beginner


Origami is one avenue that provides both mental and physical stimulus with exercise. Origami helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and mental concentration. In this course, you will learn how to make some fabulous shapes using a number of different folding methods.

Graphic Novels 101


In this course, readers will dive into the world of graphic novels and learn about text features and elements of these books that will help to improve their comprehension and enjoyment of ANY graphic novel they read!

RPA - Robotic Process Automation ( Advanced Level )

Students Force

Software called robotic process automation (RPA) makes it simple to create, use, and manage software robots that mimic how people interact with computers and software. Software robots are capable of performing a wide range of predefined tasks, including understanding what is on a screen, making the appropriate keystrokes, navigating systems, and extracting and identifying data. However, without the need to stand up and stretch or take a coffee break, software robots can complete the task faster and more reliably than humans.

Nature Journaling for the Wild


Nature Journaling self-paced class is designed to set your child up for observing, drawing, and writing about their local natural surroundings at their own pace.

Discussions on Animals, Creatures, and Critters

Mrs Natalie

In this course, you will learn interesting facts about some amazing animals and creatures that you'll find in South Africa.

Abstract Face


This power point will explain Picasso's style and why he made his portraits this way. Students in this lesson will be able to: Learn about Picasso’s abstract portraits, to create portraits to show emotion in the style of Picasso.