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Let's Explore Insects!


In this asynchronous class, we will take 4 weeks to learn about different types of insects and how beneficial they are to us.

GAP Year Possibilities

Mrs Natalie

So you are soon going to finish with high school, and you wonder....What's next?

Nature Journaling for the Wild


Nature Journaling self-paced class is designed to set your child up for observing, drawing, and writing about their local natural surroundings at their own pace.

Discussions on Animals, Creatures, and Critters

Mrs Natalie

In this course, you will learn interesting facts about some amazing animals and creatures that you'll find in South Africa.

Come With Me To The Kruger National Park In South Africa

Mrs Natalie

Come along as I share facts about the animals of the Kruger National Park.

I Once Met A Hippo

Mrs Natalie

This is a lesson about hippos.

Bugs, Creatures, Critters, & Animals

Mrs Natalie

Join me in a fun fact class about a variety of bugs, creatures, critters, and animals.

Digging Through Poop

Mrs Natalie

Yes, it's true... Digging through poop in today's class.

Tails, Whiskers, Paws, and Claws

Mrs Natalie

This is a course about animals. Learn about some animals of South Africa.